Scenic Drive Picton

love_sounds02From the Visitor Information Centre in Auckland Street drive along Auckland Street and turn right at the second intersection into Dublin Street. At the end of Dublin Street, proceed up on Queen Charlotte Drive. The Look-Out Car Park is soon reached, and offers views of Picton Harbour, the Town and Ferry Terminal.

Return back down the hill. At the roundabout turn right and travel along Kent Street. Upon reaching the intersection with Wairau Road, turn left to enter Nelson Square.

Go around the square and follow the main road back towards the town. Upon reaching the railway line, turn right into Broadway, past the Union Parish Church, then veer left into Wellington Street which has a harbour view. Descend and turn right into Waikawa Road at the bottom of this street. After a short distance along Waikawa Road, turn left through a stone gateway which takes you through the Picton Marina , past the Scow Echo to Shelley Beach, a pleasant picnic and yachting area.

Returning to Waikawa Road, turn left and proceed to Sussex Street where there is a sign on your left for Victoria Domain. Entering the Domain, change to a lower gear and climb the hill to arrive at the parking area at the top. Enjoy extensive views of Queen Charlotte Sound and Picton Harbour.

After descending the hill, turn left into Waikawa Road. Drive on, past Queen Charlotte College, and make a left turn into Beach Road, which takes you into the pleasant surroundings of Waikawa Marina and its interesting marine related businesses. Returning to Waikawa Road, turn left and follow the road into beautiful Waikawa Bay where there is a rest area, and the famous Maori Waka Te Awate Te Hou, is moored. As well as a small cafe where you can enjoy lunch or dinner.


Travel on for a further three kilometres onto Port Underwood Road through scenic bays to arrive at Karaka Point. At this historic Maori site there is good parking offering excellent views along Queen Charlotte Sound. There is also a pleasant bush walk to the end of the point with beach access. Here is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Sounds and to experience the feeling of being miles from civilisation yet just 5 minutes from your car.


Your journey will take you back along Waikawa Road to Picton. Arriving back in town, turn right into Wellington Street, which will take you to the end of your tour at the Picton Foreshore. Here you?ll find adequate parking, particularly at the Marina on your right. From there, it is only a short distance to sightseeing launch services, other Foreshore activities and the main shopping area which has a good range of merchandise for your conveniences as well as cafes and restaurants.